Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

It’s been awhile since the last time I’ve participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge. Well, for my “comeback”, here’s my take on this week’s theme. 🙂

A torn heart-shaped balloon I placed on a Physics book.

I once met this guy in Physics class (I was a sophomore in college) with whom I fell in love with and the feeling was foreign because that was the first time I fell in love (Oh such happiness! 😛 ). Later on, he broke my heart when we broke up and the feeling was foreign as well because that was the first time I felt that kind of pain (Geez, it really did hurt I’m telling you, lol).

Coincidentally, my roommate had this heart shaped balloon which she gave to me, however, it blew up. I had my Physics book beside me then so I had this crazy idea of taking this photo of the torn heart-shaped balloon on the Physics book as a symbol of how I had my heart beat and get broken because of that guy in Physics class. 😀

Fixing a broken heart by Kayaking in Lake Balinsasayao 😀

Of course, it’s either I cry in a hole for having my heart broken or get out there and have fun! Since there’s no point in crying over spilled milk, I decided to cry then clean the mess and do something else while moving on. Hence, I traveled alone and visited some of my high school friends who were studying in a different university in another city.

That was the first time I traveled alone for pleasure and sight seeing. My friends accompanied me to different tourist destinations in there place and I even tried kayaking for the first time in one of their famous lakes. The feeling of being able to do all of that was definitely foreign.

From that moment on, I told myself that even if I’m still in college, I’d travel as much as I can and learn to experience a lot of things foreign. 

So far, so gooood. \m/