Groove or Speak

To groove or to speak?

Hmmm… Late this afternoon, I felt a bit weird seeing everyone being occupied with their cheerdance practice. Everyone was sweating profusely, trying to cope up with each step, muscles aching… and feeling happy. Maybe the reason why I felt this way is that, I backed out at the last minute. It’s not that I want to. It’s just that, my teacher told me to do so. I have an incoming Oratorical contest which is, this wednesday. She was like, telling me to concentrate with my speech. Well, she has a point. But, it doesn’t change the fact that I also want to dance.

But then again, you win some, you lose some. I guess that’s the way things go.

Is there ever a point in your life where you have wanted to take it all? To never have to decide? Afraid that what/who/which one you choose would be too risky to take or regretful? Well, I did. More than a thousand times. Maybe it’s part of our inner selfishness. There will always be a time where you want yourself to be happy and that is, by getting everything you want.

The question is, does it make everyone else feel as happy as you are? Is acquiring without effort a satisfying reward?

Life is always about making decisions. It’s impossible to say, “I want all of these and I want to acquire them now! Damn all those people.” How weird would life be if that was made possible.

Seating on the old bleachers in the gym made me see and realize that life is always about choices and decisions. Whatever you decide would mark the path that you are going to travel. Despite the oddities of choosing and the ups and downs of the result, it’s actually a lesson for us to ponder. To be wise and to stand firm for what we chose.

I was forced to choose the “speak” part. I have to live with it and I have to face the consequences of my decision–that I have to back out with the cheerdance. But, who knows? Looking back, if ever I chose to give up the oration, I might keep on wondering… “What if I turned my back on the oration? Could I have won? Would it have been a turning point?”

I guess, we might not have everything we want in an instant but, sooner or later, with us being wiser and more mature later on, we could still claim these coveted wants, only, at different times.