Finding Beauty in Escaping

Sometimes, you stay at one place for far too long it starts to suffocate you. Suddenly, everything is just wrong. You become too restless, like there is a need to just drop the things you have to do, need to do, and usually do and just… go. Be free of the burden that is everyday life.

If that happens, listen to that nagging whisper in your head to escape because sometimes, that’s exactly what you need at the moment. Find that one thing you could use as a means to escape reality and the problems associated with it.

Escape for me usually meant a good book or if one isn’t handy, then I just do marathons of my favorite TV series. Why? Because they bring you to places you’ve never been before, they make you feel and experience things without being exactly there. Because they make you forget just for awhile all the things that have been stressing you out lately be it work, studies, family, social, or love life. Or you can empathize with them because you know exactly how they feel at the moment because you’ve been there or currently there. Or you can simply just be entertained and admire the wonder that is creativity and imagination.

But sometimes, there is that need to literally go or escape and for me, that meant traveling to places I’ve never been before or to places I’ve been that gave me some peace and quiet. You can call it anything you want. I call it soul cleansing because there comes a time when you simply have this urge to break away from everything. Suddenly, you feel like you don’t appreciate your surroundings and feel weary. That’s the time to escape. Be cleansed. To go to places you’ve wanted or dreamed of going. To places where you can relax, be a different person without having to be judged or to be over analyzed or to simply just escape the pressure, the expectations, and the problems you face everyday.

Traveling makes you see the beauty of life. It makes you realize that there is so much beauty out there that you can take in if you let it. Do it alone if you like or you can do it with friends, whichever suits you the best.

Just recently, my academics has taken its toll on me and I’ve been a bit upset and resentful over some things, which I don’t really want to elaborate right now. When opportunity in the form of my high school friends inviting me to a 3-day getaway in a place a thousand miles away came my way, well, I can’t find it in my heart to say no. By the way, that 3-day getaway turned into a week. I was really, really reluctant to go back and do my thesis.

Here are two photos taken from that trip.

Stay at a wonderful resort away from the city. Photo: Club FortMed, Boljoon, Cebu

Stay at a relaxing and peaceful resort.

Try snorkeling and swimming with the whalesharks! They're really huuuge.

Try snorkeling and swimming with the whalesharks. They’re really huge!

But always remember to go back because no matter how tempting it is to get away from the source of all your stress and problems, it will never be a permanent solution. Don’t forget that this escape is temporary, more of a pause button than a stop. When things are too much to handle, pause. Take a breather and then resume after awhile. When you return from that getaway, you’ll feel refreshed. Like you can take on the hurdles being thrown your way and the stress becomes more bearable because there’s something you can look back to. Something beautiful, something different from what you usually encounter.

Because sometimes, that’s what we need. When we start being less enthusiastic and less appreciative due to problems and stress, then we start complaining more about our current state than doing something to change it. That’s exactly the time to go out there and see the world in order to make you realize that there is still so much beauty waiting to be appreciated, discovered and experienced. πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Finding Beauty in Escaping

  1. I understand how you feel about stress and the need for escape. Sometimes the only way to handle the pressures of daily life is to get away from it all through escapism. Finishing a thesis can take a massive toll on a graduating student (I’ve seen my son toil with it last semester) and I believe you managed things well by not forgetting to take care of yourself first and foremost.
    The resort is quite lovely. So, you’ve just been to Cebu? I envy you as I still have to visit that lovely island. And you spent one week there. Wow.
    All things will come to pass – both good and bad. That’s life. (Sigh) πŸ™‚ I hope you feel much better these days. Keep on writing, my dear girl. Reading and writing also helped me get through my own personal Vietnam.
    Great post, btw. And thanks for your support and sweetness.

  2. Hi, Rambler! I’m Laura Beth from the blog Perched on a Whim. I found you via Rant and Roll’s comments, and I’m just touched by this post. It is honest and relatable. I, in fact, just returned from a week away in the Pacific Northwest of Canada, and it was a most excellent escape.

    I really appreciate that you concluded your post with the insistence of returning to what we flee from. I can only imagine that you know as well as I do that this is not always an appealing option, but such a necessary one. Thank you!

    • Hi, Laura! Welcome to my blog! πŸ™‚

      I’m happy to know that this post was able to reach out to you in some way. I wrote this for that purpose, to let other people know that they can always take a breather from their everyday life and that escaping isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as, like what you said, we return to what we flee from and face it head on now that we have cleared our heads.

      I’m happy to know that you’ve had an excellent escape. I wish someday I could go there too. I’ll have to save for that trip and maybe I can ask you for some tips and guidelines for that said trip some time in the future? πŸ™‚

      Hope to see you again here, Laura! πŸ˜€

  3. Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life’s events as seen through the lens of my camera.

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