Do you believe in Fate and Destiny?

“Destiny has brought us together.”

“I have to accept that this is my fate.”


I mean really. Is there really what we call Fate and Destiny? Does each and everyone of us has his or her future planned? Heck. I’m not just talking about love here. I mean, about everything.

Honestly, I don’t believe in fate and destiny. It’s not that I’m being hard or I’m trying to seem to be indifferent about it but because it seems to me that when we say that we believe in fate and destiny, we are actually indirectly accepting that we have no hold on our own future.

We, humans, are being dubbed as the higher species because we have FREE will. We are given the ability to think on our own, plan on our own and the like. But, this free will would seem useless in a sense because sooner or later, no matter what we do–if there really is what we call as fate and destiny–we would still end up to where we are supposed to be placed. Now, wouldn’t that be so…discouraging on our part?

If it exists, wouldn’t it be so…unfair? Unfair in a sense that, for example, you really, I mean really want to be a corporate lawyer working on a very prestigious law firm. You study hard, work hard, the list goes on. You have every opportunity open for you and you are really rooting for that dream. But then again, it’s already “written” in the “book of your life” that you’d end up as a say, a janitor or something so different from what you really like. What’s the point of letting you go all through those mazes, letting you feel you’re getting what you want but at the last minute, voila, you end up with something you didn’t want to.

We were given our own will to decide and to choose. But then because of those two bitches, what’s the point of deciding for your own when it’s not actually given for you to decide? You strive hard to ride your way to the right side but it was written that you end up on the left corner. What’s the point of letting me strive to go to the right when I won’t really end up there and good thing if you like what’s meant for you. What if it wasn’t really what you wanted out of life? Wouldn’t it be downright…mean?

It’s like letting you taste cotton candy when in fact, it would be taken away from you because you should be eating uh, I don’t know…Vegetables? You get my drift? Well, we could say that it’s just giving us the chance to experience other things before we end up with what we should be really ending up to but WHAT IF you don’t want what was laid before you? What if you wanted to be that other thing?

You could say that it could be changed. You could change your future. Then if that’s the case, it’s no longer fate or destiny because when we say it’s fate and destiny, the term itself is describing something that is fixed. Unmoved. If we could really change our future into what we want it to be, then fate and destiny isn’t working. It means, it doesn’t really exist.

For me, I guess it’s a product of commercialism and of the media. The way they seem to manipulate people’s minds and perceptions into believing something like this to suit their interests and in the end, benefit from it.

There are times though that I feel so tired doing everything I could to get what I want but in the end, all won’t be the way I want it to be. During those times, I often say, maybe this is where I am supposed to be or this is where I am meant to be. But it wasn’t because I actually believed what I was saying. It’s more of resignation or just passive acceptance. An excuse, maybe, to my current predicament.

This of course, is only an opinion. I’m not saying that I’m right or what I’m saying here is absolute. After all, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, right? I respect everyone’s perception on things and I hope you would do so with mine.


One thought on “Do you believe in Fate and Destiny?

  1. I agree. I don’t believe in destiny either. That defeats the purpose of free will. Plus, I could use that destiny stuff as an excuse why I did some of the wrong doings. Hahaha. But no seriously, I can’t make destiny as an excuse to every little thing that has happened to me and tell myself “this is planned”. Okay, what happened to “experience is the best teacher”? And mistakes shouldn’t be called mistakes, because it’s written that we will make them. But no, you have control over your life – of course the same thing goes for other people, which makes life more confusing and exciting. 🙂

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