Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

These tiny honey bees are called Stingless bees. So called because unlike their other bigger honey bee counterparts, they do not have stings. However, they do have a mean bite (but tolerable) and are very hyper!

Stingless bee brood with adult stingless bees and larvae.

Stingless bees’ brood with adult stingless bees tending their larvae (white).

Queen bee royally walking on my hand. :)

Her Majesty, the Queen Bee, regally walking on my hand. 🙂

Stingless bees are tiny compared to the other honey bees. They actually look like pesky flies!

Stingless bees are really tiny compared to other honey bees.

This week’s photo challenge involves taking photos demonstrating the concept of focus. Mine, as you can see from the three photos above, have bees in focus against a blurred background. 🙂

I will actually post a separate entry about bees and my experience taking samples for my Thesis. It’s because I still have a lot of photos from that trip and I want to share it to all of you as part of the awareness on the importance of bees and why we should protect them (because there’s a sudden drop in their numbers! 😦 ). I hope you guys read that, too.

For now, I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I’ll enjoy your entries for this week’s photo challenge! 😀

PS. Please don’t mind my dirty hands, lol. Getting my hands dirty is part of the thesis sampling experience. 😀


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

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  2. I am glad that you’ve chosen bees (as respondents? lol) as the subject of your thesis. Is this a masteral thesis? I can’t wait to read about what you will have to share with us. I like bees.

    • This is an undergrad thesis. It’s under a research project of the government that focuses on bee products that’s why my thesis is centered on them, specifically on propolis, that’s made by bees to protect/build their hives. 🙂 I will talk more about this on my future post. Hopefully soon. 🙂

      Actually, I didn’t like bees before but because of this, I learned to appreciate them. I’m glad you like bees too! 🙂

      • Please share this with us. And I shall expect to know from you how we can protect and even encourage the production of bees. We know how they are so useful to man and plants. I think they are one of those endangered species now?

        I wish you success in your thesis writing. Good luck.

        • Yes, I will. Though it’s not going to be any time soon yet. Some species of bees are endangered while some are still being cultivated. However, there was a drastic collapse in their numbers in the past decade which was really alarming. 😦

          Thank you! I have less than 2 months to do my thesis so, woo! I hope everything goes well from now on. 🙂

    • At first, I was really scared of going anywhere near a beehive! They can really be annoying, :D. But we wear protective clothing to prevent them from stinging us, or in the case of stingless bees, from going inside our clothes etc. It’s not really as dangerous as most people think, unless you are allergic to bee venom then that could be a bit of a problem But if not, you’re safe. As long as they don’t sting the important/sensitive body parts. 😛

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