…only in pen and paper.

I wish I have a good digital camera instead of a pen, paper and a cell phone camera. While words cater to the imagination, catching a part of life behind the lens of the camera would aptly describe the things that words will never be able to fully explain. I will try though, as much as I can.

I was sitting in a kiosk when I saw two street children playing and disturbing other people. What caught my eye wasn’t the typical “they-still-know-how-to-enjoy-life-despite-their-state-in-life”. What caught my attention was that one of the children was trying to mimic what seemed to me as a headstand(I can’t describe it in detail so just google it, lol). Eventually, he fell and based from the reaction in his face, it was painful. He just laid down there on the grass for a minute or two and then he smiled, got up, and went about chasing the other child with him. After a couple of minutes, he went back and tried to do a cartwheel, landed on the wrong foot and went limping back with a smile still plastered on his face.

I don’t know what made him do those things when obviously, no one really taught him to do so (or so I thought). It could be something he saw on television or have seen some older children do those things.

Aware or unaware, he was actually learning how to do some stunts.

Funny that people still think that education is confined within the four walls of a classroom when a lot of people actually just observe life, experience it, and then learn from it.

Give the child a few more years, open up possibilities to develop his skill and he can become a professional dancer. Sometimes, how skillful a person is or becomes also can be reflected from the opportunities that come his way. Everyone is capable, but not everyone is given the privilege to develop their abilities and their potential.

I just feel sorry for the state that these people are in because while there are those who don’t take things for granted, there are those—including me—who just don’t realize what was being served in their plates.

All my life, I’ve been given a lot of opportunities. Some I’ve grabbed and taken the most out of while other’s I’ve ignored or neglected. Why I chose to ignore them, I can’t exactly say. Maybe I didn’t really like them or I just haven’t seen its worth. When I think about it, those opportunities I’ve chosen to ignore or neglect (and there certainly was a lot of them) could have been the opportunities somebody out there have been wishing to have or need to have.

I just hope that these kids wouldn’t get tired of learning and waiting for better opportunities. Just like in Pandora’s box, when all of the bad have been pouring out, there’s always hope left. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Captured…

  1. Nice post! In my opinion, I think that children are more eager to learn, compared to adults because when they pursue something, they have the optimistic view of what benefit can be gained from learning something. However, adults tend to think (partically because of the weight of life’s responsibilities???) in regards to the consequences of their actions.

  2. Yes. In a child’s thinking, they want to learn for the sake of learning or because they like/enjoy it. Some adults on the other hand learn or study because they think they have to (i.e. for work, money, etc) and thus lose that eagerness to learn or the enjoyment of learning. But we can’t blame them.

    Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see more of you here. 🙂

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