Priceless memories that were never there in the first place

There are a lot of things that I’d want to freeze, hoping that they’ll always be there for me to look back on. But then again, sad as it is, time continues to move on, making these moments just a memory to behold.

I wouldn’t be specific, maybe because I’d want to keep some things private. The events I’d want to freeze would be the moments wherein I’ve made myself to take risks. I’m not saying doing reckless things to the point of stupidity but risks in a sense that, those things I’ve always wanted to do but was afraid of the consequences if I did allow myself to do it.

I was never a risk-taker. I’ve missed on a lot of things in life because I always played safe. I never experienced some things that I wished I was able to because I was afraid that things might not be the way I want them to be or that it might be a failure and a mistake.

So, the very, very few times that I allowed myself to cross that borderline of what for me is safe and able to succeed on it is something priceless for me. You know the feeling wherein you were so afraid of doing something but deep inside, you wanted to try, to venture into that unknown and when you were able to step on that field and make it to the next corner, it’s like, “Wow, I did it and nothing bad even happened along the way.”

Once, I received a text from a friend. It goes this way, “If you want to have something you have always wanted, you have to do something that you have never done before because if you continue doing the things you always do, you’ll always have what you always had and nothing more.”

Ouch, bull’s eye.

So yeah, it would always be like that for me, unless I’d be able to conquer my fear and take risks.