The Phantom of the Opera

Just last October 13, I was able to watch the musical play, The Phantom of the Opera.

Shortly, the story revolves around three main characters, but more on Christine and the Phantom who Christine refers to as the “Angel of Music”. The Phantom became her mentor in the Opera house where she performs. However, Christine has never seen him because he only sings/speaks to her but never really shows himself. What Christine doesn’t know was that this Phantom was physically deformed and in love with her.

Then came Raoul, Christine’s childhood friend/sweetheart, who after seeing her, remembers his feelings for her which is also returned by Christine. This angered the Phantom and a series of accidents and threats happened in the Opera house. In the end, however, the Phantom had let Christine go because he knew that his feelings weren’t returned and that she wouldn’t be happy if he forced them together. 😦

Phantoooom. ❤ 😥

After the show

It was a dream come true to finally see it live since I was able to watch the movie version only. I’ve heard of them going on a world tour and finally, they came here! I had to blow off my one week allowance for this. Thank God for student discounts! Else, I’d have to sacrifice almost a month’s worth of my allowance. 😀

And I could really say that it was worth starving for especially the transitions from one setting to another, the costumes, the voices of the actors and the way they danced and acted everything. Of course, I’m compelled by the story itself.

After the show, my friend and I wanted to buy some souvenirs. I especially wanted to buy the necklace with the mask of the Phantom as the pendant, however, it was too expensive! More expensive than my discounted ticket! So instead, we just took some pictures after the event (it’s blurred since my camera phone isn’t really that good) as a souvenir.

However, we didn’t last an hour since my feet were screaming like hell from pain because it was my first time to wear 4-inch heels.

The shoes that made me feel like a walking building.

I felt like a walking building since without the shoes, I already stand at 5’6. With it, I was what, 6 feet tall?! LOL. After wearing it, I suddenly had this increasing admiration for all the women out there who are able to wear these beautiful yet painful things for hours.
Overall, it was a wonderful experience! I want to watch it again. ❤


11 thoughts on “The Phantom of the Opera

  1. Something funny is that i have watched the play like 2 1/2 times and i never got what it was about from all those songs but from your brief description i now actually understand the whole thing, i think I’ll stop watching complex plays and just ask you what you think about the movie and nice dress it really matches the theme of the movie. 🙂

    • Wow, you were able to watch the play atleast twice? I’m so envious! If I only had enough money, I would’ve watched it a second time. :/

      I’m glad to be of help in making you understand the play 😀 I really love the story of the Phantom of the Opera. 🙂

      Thanks for the compliment! I really appreciate it. 🙂

      • 🙂 I actually saw one play, which the actors did a really shoddy job of, hence me not getting anything at all then i got the dvd of which the first time i saw i got some of the message since most of it was in the songs, when i tried to watch it again i gave up half way make it 2 1/2 times.

        But overall it was really cool cause am a big fun of music in almost all genre and if you ask me i think you are the one who got the better deal as quality of which is not cheap always beats quantity.:)

    • Thank you! They might look great but they were really painful to wear. Oh the price we often have to pay to look beautiful 😀 It’s my first time wearing heels as high as this one because I’m already tall but, they were calling me (red shoes) while I was looking for something to go with the dress. 😛

      BTW, I really had a very long internal war about posting a photo of myself here. I initially wanted to stay anonymous and mysterious, haha!

  2. My turn to say this. OMG, you watched! Envious. 😦 I really wanted to watch but I was so busy the past two months and I was all over places. I loved the movie so I guess by not watching the play, I missed a chance of a lifetime.

    • It was really, really awesome! \m/ The movie and the play was basically almost the same (script-wise) so watching the movie was like somehow watching the play. Of course, the feel is very different when it’s done live and there are slight changes to suit the stage.

      At least you were able to travel to so many places and who knows, maybe the cast would return someday to do another performance. Hopefully by then, you’re not as busy anymore and thus have the chance to watch it. 🙂

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